UPDATE: Traveller Encampment on Ealing Common

An update has been provided by Ealing Council on the matter of the traveller encampment on Ealing Common (by Leopold Road).
At The High Court yesterday, the Council was granted an order for possession of land at Ealing Common. An interim injunction was also granted preventing unauthorised encampment by the travellers on Ealing Green, Haven Green, Ealing Common, Warwick Road W5 and any public highway in the borough. Under the circumstances this is a really good outcome and paves the way for the return to court where we will seek a final injunction that extends to public highway and all Council owned land.
IMG_5570 (1)
The possession order is effective from 4.00pm on Thursday 19thMay and the necessary arrangements are being made to take possession on Friday 20th May if the travellers have not moved on. Clearly we will now need to be vigilant and secure other Council owned land across the borough. Colleagues across relevant services have been alerted accordingly.
Assistant Director of Street Services, Earl McKenzie, reiterates that after a full day of argument and careful consideration by the Judge, this is a very good outcome and the encampment will be finally moved from the area next week. The patience and support of Councillors and residents during this protracted process, has been much appreciated.