Wheelie Victory!

The residents of Kerrison Villas, Kerrison Place and Park Place united, and led by Richard Taylor together with Cllr Roz Reece, drew up a strong case for exemption from using wheelie bins. It was a hard task. The first meeting was inconclusive and not hopeful.
After much lobbying, persistence and insistence a second meeting on Friday brought the joyful news that the roads were too narrow for efficient collection of waste using the bins,and the lorries caused damage when manoeuvring around the corner.  All three roads are exempt and will continue with the green boxes, white bags and black bags.
Roz says ”This is a huge victory. Not only has common sense prevailed but these pretty, narrow roads are saved from the blight of blue and grey plastic which we see growing around Ealing as the bins are delivered. I am delighted to have been able to help Richard Taylor and his neighbours.”
Additionally, certain other properties in the ward have also received exemptions or modified waste and recycling collections such as The Grove and The Park where covenants, leases or lack of space prohibit outdoor receptacles, after help from ward councillors.