Changes to the 83 bus route, a new 483 bus route – and linking Ealing and Northwick Park hospitals

Tfl have notified us of changes to the 83 bus route that passes through the Ealing Common ward. The following changes will be introduced on 10th September 2016:

Buses on routes 83 and 483 will run every 8 minutes during the day on Mondays to Saturdays, every 10 minutes on Sundays daytime and every 12 minutes in the evenings everyday.
Route 83
We proposed to shorten route 83 so that it would run between Golders Green and Alperton station only, and not continue on to Ealing Hospital as it does now. The frequency of this service would remain unchanged.  It would no longer be a 24-hour service; however new route N83 would continue to provide the night service covering all stops served by the current 83.
New route 483
We proposed to introduce a new bus route, numbered 483, between Harrow town centre and Ealing Hospital. The proposed new route would start at Harrow bus station, and then run via College Road, Station Road, Kenton Road, Watford Road and East Lane. Buses would go along Wembley Hill Road and then follow the line of the existing route 83 from Empire Way and Wembley Stadium station to Ealing Hospital.  Buses would return over the same roads.
Route N83
Route 83 is currently a 24-hour service.  Therefore to ensure all current stops retain a night service we proposed to introduce a new service, N83, running between Golders Green and Ealing Hospital via the current 83 route. The frequency of this service would remain at a bus every 30 minutes on all nights.  There would be no separate night service on route 483 but route N18 will continue to link Harrow and Wembley at night via Watford Road and Harrow Road.
Further information on the changes and the consultation is available here: