Ealing Common Travellers are on the move

There are signs of movement on Ealing Common. The traveller encampment that settled last Wednesday morning on the Common had eviction court papers served last Friday following Ealing Council rapidly conducting welfare, community impact and social assessments. Many residents had contacted us regarding the fly tipping and the dangerous driving across the common endangering local residents and users of the common. To add to the insult the travellers had a bonfire of the fly tip mound during the night.

Once the travellers have totally left the area, Ealing Council’s waste and recycling contractor, Amey, are on standby to clear up the enormous mess our temporary visitors have made.

Ealing Council’s parks department together with the environment teams are also working on two other traveller encampments in the borough (Norwood Green and Southall Recreation Ground).

(Photo courtesy of a local Ealing Common resident)

Ealing Common Travellers - Bonfire