#QueenOfSuburbs is now #DirtyEaling

Just in case anyone has been away, since 6th June the leafy borough of Ealing has been overwhelmed with plastic monstrosities. We have been inundated with hundreds of emails and calls solely reporting wheelie bins not being delivered, too many wheelie bins delivered (you’d be surprised!), missed collections and record volumes of fly tipping incidents.

A little known fact, but many have noticed, that the Labour administration sneakily changed* the weekly street cleansing programme to once every three weeks – that is, if you’re lucky for your street to be cleaned at all. Some residents have reported not having their streets cleaned for over two months, with footpath weeds knee-high!

If you wish to report a missed collection, a replacement wheelie bin or food bin, fly tipping, in the first instance please report it via 020 8825 6000 or online:

Missed Collections

Replacement Wheelie Bin/Food Bin

The Mall - Missed Collections

Fly tipping

(3rd party mobile app available – LoveCleanStreets)

If there is no response from Ealing Council after a week, please contact us, your local ward councillors, and you can find our details hereĀ ealingcommon.yourcllr.com/contact-us/

[Photo courtesy of a local ward resident]

* Ealing Council coincidentally “forgot” to tell the councillors that this is happening