Where will leisure centre users go once Gurnell closes for rebuild? Does Ealing Council care?


Gurnell Leisure Centre is likely to close in September 2018 and re-open in July 2020.
Whilst the centre opened in 1981 and needs a significant level of repair, there appear to be no plans to help existing patrons during the closure.

Gurnell has a successful swim school and swimming club.  These could all be lost as competitive swimmers will be compelled to travel to other pools for training, which will add hours of time and cost to their day.  Those attending the swim school will face the same difficulties.

Swimming is a sport where you start young.  If, as seems likely, the local schools will not be able to fit the extra time for travel into their school day, this could mean that school leavers will not be able to swim and this could ultimately lead to a rise in the number of drownings.

Does Ealing Council have any plans to assist?  Or will it just be left to the parents or guardians to find their own solutions to the problem.