Ealing Common Travellers given notice to leave


The latest encampment on Ealing Common, which started settling in on Tuesday night, has been served section 61 notice to leave by 2pm today (Thursday). Unfortunately, this encampment has started to amass fly tipping on the common.

We urge anyone who is approached to have some rubbish collected not to pay anyone who isn’t authorised and doesn’t have a waste licence. Often visiting “tradespeople” use this method to gain income yet dump their ‘purchased rubbish’ at their first opportunity only for the council left to clear up the rubbish. Residents are paying twice, once through their taxes, but also to the unauthorised persons.

Additionally, residents are urged not to buy any services from speculative door knockers. By buying from such people this encourages them to the area.

To check if a business has a Waste Carriers Licence please check on the Government’s Waste Carrier Licence Register.

Photos: Cllr Roz Reece and local resident