PRESS RELEASE FROM Make Ealing’s Uxbridge Road Safe!

Ealing Council last night (19 December) backed plans for an independent safety review of the Uxbridge Road following the death of a local woman that sparked protests from local residents.

Claudia Manera, 51, a fitness instructor and former Ealing police officer, was involved in a collision with a truck while cycling near Lido Junction in Ealing on 12 October 2017 and died a week later from her injuries.

Manera was the fourth vulnerable road user to be killed on the Ealing section of the Uxbridge Road since 2012 after the deaths of two pedestrians and a cyclist. A further 46 people were seriously injured and 300 people injured on the road between 2012 and 2016.

In October, local residents formed a pressure group called Make Uxbridge Road Safe! to call for radical improvements to the road for vulnerable users including pedestrians, wheelchair users, cyclists and parents with buggies.

More than 250 local residents marched along the Uxbridge Road on 28 October to apply pressure on Ealing Council and Transport for London to improve the road, and over 1,800 local people signed a petition urging the council to commission an independent review and commit to spending on improvements on the road.

The petition was backed by a motion put forward by Joanna Dabrowska, Conservative councillor for Ealing Common, that called for an urgent review of pedestrian high-risk zones along the Uxbridge Road and for a Cycle Level of Service audit to be completed by no later than July 2019.

The motion won cross-party support at last night’s council meeting and was passed unopposed.

Helen King, who spoke on behalf of Make Uxbridge Road Safe! at the council meeting, said: “We’re pleased that councillors have listened to residents and voted for an independent review of the Uxbridge Road. The road only makes up two per cent of Ealing’s road network but accounts for 20 per cent of pedestrian casualties and 25 per cent of its cycling casualties.
Sadly, very few of us feel safe using the road, which is why an independent review is needed along with a commitment to improvement. We want to make the Uxbridge Road a calmer, quieter and healthier place, making it even more beneficial to our community.

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