GUNNERSBURY PARK CPZ shambles – Council backtracks after Councillor Dabrowska’s intervention!

Readers may recall an earlier article about the shambles about the Gunnersbury Park CPZ implementation. After numerous emails outlining the technicalities as well as presenting a case to the parking department at Ealing Council, the Council has now backtracked!

Councillor Joanna Dabrowska requested three issues to be resolved:

  • Request to abandon enforcement ’til the whole zone has been completed
  • Communicate with all permit holders that reside in the zone about what’s happening
  • Delay the start date of the residents’ permits as residents will not be getting a full year’s worth of permit usage

Extract from email from Parking Services – assistant director:

We have reviewed our position regarding this zone and until the signs and markings are fully completed, we will not be enforcing this zone. Any resident that has applied for a permit will have an extended one month added to their renewal date. We will write to all residents who have purchased an annual permit informing them of this and with an update on the enforcement commencement date.

The scheme is now scheduled to be fully operational no later than Wednesday 11th April.”

Fortunately, due to the pleasant weather conditions our contractor has been out all week enabling them to complete most of the outstanding works, weather permitting the liners will also be working on Saturday 08th April to complete as much of the remaining road markings before next Monday.

An inspection will be carried out on Monday to ascertain the status of the zone, and to pick up any snagging requests which we will endeavour to resolve by Wednesday 11th April.