Ealing Council’s Highways don’t consult with ward councillors and get it wrong

Over the weekend, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska found out from residents in the neighbouring ward of Turnham Green (Hounslow Council) that Ealing Council is consulting on a new taxi rank in Ealing Common ward.
Ealing Council haven’t had the courtesy of contacting ward councillors what is being proposed (sounds like the proposal to pedestrianise Longfield Ave¬†where ward councillors were not informed or consulted).

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska has enquired with Highways at Ealing Council and has received the following Public Notice as well as the Detailed Design Map. Joanna has noticed several flaws in this Cab Ranks Order.

  • The proposed location is west of Acton Town station, not south (south = Bollo Lane) making the notice invalid
  • This taxi rank proposal is only between 5pm and 9am, where if it is at all to be effective, for it to be 24 hours (or at least during public transport hours), and actually enforced
  • Enforcement in nearby streets where a dozen or two of the local minicabs flout parking rules and block residents’ driveways, again without enforcement unless requested by ward councillors
  • Highways ignoring the dangerous parking along the yellow lines near the junction of Gunnersbury Lane and Princes Avenue where the sight lines are restricted for cars joining the main road
  • Additionally, the Council are ignoring the dangerous double parking along the south side of Acton Town station on Bollo Lane with cars blocking traffic, minicabs loading and unloading with disregard to road users
  • Has Ealing Council bothered to contact Turnham Green ward councillors?

Residents who wish to comment on these proposals please email highwayservices@ealing.gov.uk quoting ORD 4109/djc. Please copy us in (ealingcommon@ealingconservatives.org.uk)

For those interested in the Acton Lane design, click here for the map.