Travellers are summonsed to court

Residents have been writing to Cllr Joanna Dabrowska regarding the travellers that arrived over a week ago on the Warwick Road Extension. Cllr Dabrowska completely agrees with all residents that the rubbish, the fly tipping, the human waste, etc is appalling.

The Council served summons to the travellers yesterday afternoon with the court hearing today at 1400. If the removal order is granted, this will be served to the travellers immediately to give them 24 hours to vacate. If this fails, bailiffs will be used to remove them.

Reports have been received about anti-social behaviour as well as assaults against residents by the travellers and these should be reported to the Police, either via 101 or the local SNT team on 020 8721 2948. In an emergency always ring 999.

4th July 2018 UPDATE: The courts have stated that the travellers need to leave by noon on Friday, 6th July.