Council loses petition

Ealing Common residents living on or near Popes Lane passed a signed petition to Cllr Joanna Dabrowska in mid-April 2018. Cllr Dabrowska dutifully presented this petition, from disgruntled residents on the subject of the Popes Lane highway alterations and the implemented CPZ, at the Full Council meeting on Tuesday, 24th April 2018.

However, following up a response from the officers it transpires that the democratic services department has lost the petition.¬† The head of democratic services states, “it remains a mystery as to where it went”.

Awaiting a response from the director responsible for democratic services.

Another highways petition submitted at exactly the same time as the one above, this time by residents raising concerns about the lack of traffic management on Baronsmede. After pushing, Cllr Dabrowska finally managed to get this other petition to the highways department because the democratic services department forgot to pass it on.

Now awaiting a response from the highways team.

The mystery continues…