Car parking charges to be introduced at Gunnersbury Park

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska has discovered that Gunnersbury Park intends to charge car park users for parking at the Park. A LBH* consultation will go ahead during August. Charges are still to be determined.

Cllr Dabrowska responds,

“I’m rather saddened to hear that local park users will be charged and used as cash cows to use local amenities. A park is there for those who don’t necessarily have any outside space as is the case with many recent planning applications.
Nearby residents can easily walk, however, those from other parts of the borough (and neighbouring Hounslow borough) or indeed from further afield may wish to visit the beautifully-restored park. Some residents are elderly and cannot walk to the Park yet wish to enjoy some fresh air and peace. Vehicle usage for some is essential rather than a luxury.
Furthermore, I have urged the CEO of Gunnersbury Park (2026) CIC not to consult in August which is bang in the middle of school holidays. I managed to convince Ealing Council many years ago to avoid school holidays when carrying out consultations.”

Cllr Dabrowska would propose a maximum stay (say, 3 hours) with either no return, and/or nominal payment for additional hours, with absolute maximum parking of 6 hours, for example, in order to restrict commuter/holiday parking. It’s finding a fine balance between accessibility for regular park users whilst discouraging abusers of free parking spaces.

* London Borough of Hounslow