Travellers encamp on Warwick Road Extension (again)

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Residents residing by the Common have alerted Cllr Joanna Dabrowska to travellers who have parked up on the Warwick Road Extension. Cllr Dabrowska has alerted the authorities, as usual, to swiftly start the eviction proceedings.

It seems that the caravans have been unhooked and vehicles have driven off. Caravans are not categorised the same as vehicles as they don’t have a V5C document and, therefore, a legal owner. This is one of the matters raised when Cllr Dabrowska visited the Secretary of State earlier this year in Parliament, suggesting that caravans should be registered and have a legal owner.

Residents have been commenting today that they recognise the travellers from earlier encampments. The most recent local encampment was in private-owned Orion Park where they heavily fly-tipped.

Cllr Dabrowska is urging residents not to fuel the demand for those who flout the law by not paying them (even an advance) for any services such as waste clearance, roofing services, laying driveways, etc.
Your waste could be taken away by unlicensed, bogus entities and dumped on public or indeed, private land.
This waste, if traced back, the resident(s) may receive a hefty fine by the Council. Also, if no-one uses the services of unlicensed trades(wo)men, they will have no incentive to return and fly tip in our borough. If the fly tipping is on public land, the Council will pick up the tab for the cost of the clean up, which ultimately will burden the taxpayer through increased local taxes such as Council Tax.

Cllr Dabrowska asks residents, “Please don’t encourage unlicensed tradesmen by accepting their offer of clearing your waste. It is extremely likely that the waste will not be disposed of legally and you (as the owner of the waste) can receive a hefty fine. Ultimately, the taxpayer pays for the clean up through even higher Council Tax“.

Cllr Dabrowska is urging the Council to seek a borough-wide injunction although the administration are not keen on the idea.

[Photos provided by local residents]

UPDATE 21st August 2018
Council officers attended this morning. Officers will revisit to formally serve section 77 notice to vacate by 3pm tomorrow. If the travellers fail to depart an eviction order will be obtained from the magistrates court.

UPDATE 21st August 2018
Cllr Dabrowska liaised with the parking department regarding the overnight parking ban, however, this ban only covers minibuses and vehicles over 5 tonnes. Caravans cannot be enforced under this ban.
Furthermore, the request to parking services to issue parking fines fell on rather deaf ears as the response is that the traffic wardens (aka civil enforcement officers) cannot enforce due to, in Ealing Council’s own words, 

“the travellers asking their children to stand in front of the vehicles and cover the VRMs”.
So it seems that residents are able to gather vehicle registrations and the council is unable to (photos kindly sent in by local residents).
Also, it seems that all you need is an obedient child to block the view of your number plate to prevent you getting a PCN.
Cllr Dabrowska is despairing at the lack of long term planning by Ealing Council on encampments and is pushing for a borough-wide injunction.

UPDATE 21st August 2018
Cllr Dabrowska requested Kingdom Securities (the Council’s littering/fly tipping contractor) to be present at the encampment to fine them for fly tipping. The response from a senior council assistant director is that they cannot deploy the contractor on the off-chance that they may fly tip. However, they circle around Ealing Broadway station preying on residents on the off-chance they may litter. One rule for travellers, one rule for the rest of us.

UPDATE 25th August 2018
The travellers have departed.

UPDATE 26th August 2018
A second encampment has arrived. Click here to read more.