Second encampment on Ealing Common this weekend.

Please read updates at the foot of the article for the latest news.

Following the encampment which arrived last Monday and departed this weekend, a new encampment arrived yesterday, Sunday. Today, bank holiday Monday, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska has received numerous calls, texts, emails, social media messages regarding the absolute disregard of the current traveller group for the local community.

Now numbering over a dozen or so caravans, the travellers set up a bonfire on the southern common. The fire brigade put out a bonfire this afternoon.
Cllr Dabrowska has contacted the local area superintendent, Ricky Kandolha as well as ringing 999 to get a response team on the common due to the antisocial behaviour caused by quad bikes, dirt bikes and motorbikes racing around the common at the moment (c.1700).

Residents have been reporting loud noise and an intoxicating smell from the bonfire. Some residents have been verbally abused today whilst walking through the Common.

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska is pushing for a borough-wide injunction and is very angry that the Council are not doing anything. “What needs to happen for Ealing Council to wake up? The common is yet again on fire, yet the council, being a bank holiday has no-one on duty. A recently-appointed traveller liaison officer is not the answer. We need to show that we will come down hard on those who are disrespectful towards our community, and are not welcome. Additionally,  taxpayer-funded police and fire brigade time is wasted due to such nonchalant activities.

UPDATE 27th August – c.1820 – another fire had been started on the Common. The fire brigade visited the site briefly.

UPDATE 27th August – c.1850 – bikes and quad bikes are now again racing around the Common. Click here to see video footage

UPDATE 28th August – c.0700 – tree by the A406 still smouldering this morning (photo taken this morning). It has been set alight in the hollow. You can see on the photo that the encampment have a fire pit which is a danger to the local area.

UPDATE 28th August – c.0910 – council officers will be attending the common today. This morning it is evident how the travellers have blocked off the footpath across the southern common.


UPDATE 29th August – c.1200 – Police officers issued the travellers ‘code of conduct’ documentation. Also, a report of an allegation of arson to the value of £100k after a tree was set alight. No suspects have been arrested. Enquiries are ongoing.

UPDATE 29th August – c.1400 – The Police attended to the site following calls from residents due to bike and quad biking across the Common. No further information received.

UPDATE 29th August – c.1600 – The unauthorised encampment has been issued with section 77 notices advising them to vacating the site by 1700 tomorrow.  If this fails, then the local authority has to apply to the local courts for an eviction and then a removal notice. The Police also have section 61 powers to remove the travellers.

UPDATE 30th August – The Police have finally exercised their section 61* powers this morning and the “second” encampment has moved on.

Grounds contractor will attend to cleanse the site.



* Section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

Photos and video: Local residents