To zone or not to zone?

For The Attention Of Residents Of
Delamere Road, Elgar Avenue, St Paul’s Close

From today, your local Conservative ward councillor, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska, is surveying local residents in the All Saints area on their view of a potential Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ),^ in the area, ahead of the next ward forum meeting#.

This relatively small enclave of three roads with fewer than 250 homes is the only ‘patch’ in the ward which doesn’t have a CPZ and is suffering by being treated as an ‘overflow’ car park near the town centre and the local university.
However, over the past year, Cllr Dabrowska has been receiving mixed messages from residents about whether they want a CPZ or not. Before spending taxpayer money, one needs to ensure that any proposal consulted on will actually be passed.
Wasting public money is one of Cllr Dabrowska’s bugbears.

A previous CPZ consultation in the same area was conducted in 2015 and it wasn’t voted in by residents.§

Link to survey:*

Please complete the survey by 31st October 2018 to allow for data analysis.

^A CPZ restricts continuous parking from commuters, holidaymakers, college students, etc. Residents can continue to park for free in their drives (if they have one). If residents wish to park on the public highway during a CPZ’s enforced hours, a resident permit needs to be purchased.
Visitor permits can be purchased to park during those hours. At other times, the parking is free and unenforced.
Current permit prices can be found by clicking on this link.
However, the current Labour Council is increasing permit prices this autumn. More info, please click here.

# Next ward forum meeting Tuesday, 6th November 1945-2145 at Boddington Sports Centre, Boddington Gardens, W3 9AP – more info

§In 2015, local residents were consulted with 48% wanting a CPZ. The majority needed, at the time, was 60%. This policy has been now changed to 50% – more info

* Responses from Delamere Road, Elgar Avenue and St Paul’s Close only will be taken into consideration

Other info: click on the image below for the local CPZ zones