Ealing Common Events: Spring Funfair

We have been notified of a recent proposal made by the Funfair operator, Bob Wilsons Funfair and proposed dates for their 2019 season.

Please see proposed dates:

SITE:  Ealing Common
BUILD: 25th April 19
OPEN:  3rd May 19
CLOSE: 12th May 19
SITE CLEAR: 15th May 19

OPENING TIMES: Weekdays from 1200 hrs to 2230hrs
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 1200 hrs to 2300 hrs 


Ground Damage: Ground damage is always a concern and In order to protect Ealing Common, the Parks Events Team will ensure a suitable deposit is taken from the funfair operators. Should there be any need for reinstatement works post-event this deposit will be used to cover those costs. The funfair operators will also sign a contract of hire accepting the Council’s terms and conditions and any special terms and conditions laid down specifically for this agreement. If damage occurs the funfair will be liable to pay the full cost of the Council making repairs.

Disruption to local residents: The Council recognises that funfairs can often cause concern for the local community. These causes for concern are usually; noise, antisocial behaviour and land use. We know from experience of working with this operator in Mandeville parkway, Ealing Common and Southall Park previously (also residential areas) that they are unlikely to draw complaint. That said, we will work with the operators to put sufficient plans in place to combat these issues ensuring the noise abides by council regulations. Wilsons Funfair is hoping to appeal to the local community and for this reason they will do everything they can to ensure this event causes as little disruption to the parks neighbours as possible. This is a family orientated funfair.

This hire of the park is being processed by the events team who are checking all safety plans and documentation are up to the required standards.

Should you have any considerations or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact email address: Events@ealing.gov.uk