UPDATE: Latest Unauthorised Encampment on Ealing Common

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska was first alerted to new visitors setting up camp along the Warwick Road Extension early Sunday (23rd) afternoon. As it was the weekend, the responsible directorate at Ealing Council was informed as well as the local Police team. Due to the council being closed, the local police team attended the same day and served the group (12 vehicles and 7 caravans) with code of conduct forms. The group stated that two of their vehicles had broken down whilst on their way down to the south coast.

Safer communities team at the Council has been informed. The criteria for the Police to exercise Section 61 powers (of Criminal Justice & Public Order Act 1994) has not been met as of Monday, 24th December.

Ealing Council officers attended on Monday to carry out welfare checks.

Ealing Council is closed over the Christmas and New Year period except for statutory services, therefore, no eviction/removal orders will be issued ’til the new year.

If any resident sees antisocial behaviour, or any other crime, happening (reports have been coming in) please ring 999 in an emergency or 101 if it is not urgent. You are able to report non-urgent matters online via www.met.police.uk

Residents have already reported flytipping, damaging the Common, burning of a tree, driving on the Common as well as feeling unsafe walking to/from Ealing Common station.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 2nd January – a local resident was attacked this morning by a dog belonging to the unauthorised encampment. The Common also have skid marks to where the inhabitants have been driving around on the grass.

UPDATE: Wednesday, 2nd January – on Day 11, the police have exercised s.61 powers and the encampment have left the Common