What’s that smell?

Local residents have been contacting Cllr Joanna Dabrowska after getting whiff of a pungent “aroma” emanating from their neighbours. Turns out that the local riding school has been piling horse dung in their car park which is adjacent to Gunnersbury Avenue (aka A406).

Cllr Dabrowska called in Animal Health from the Council who did an immediate inspection of the location. Without boring the reader with licensing matters as Ealing Council is the Licensing Authority for Riding Establishments, the riding school has confirmed they will carry out the following actions:

  • secure uplift of most of the compost/manure ‘soil’ from the car park via a Northolt farmer within the next 14 days
  • move away from straw (stable bedding material), and will contact, and promote the uplift of the manure, often appreciated  by many residents and allotment holders
  • take note of the 10m provision within the stable and plan accordingly

Any further complaints will be considered under statutory nuisance powers.

For those residents who are interested, new legislation came into force 1st October 2018 regarding a licence for ‘hiring out horses under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018’, and such licences issued for this purpose will have a condition stating that ‘all excreta and soiled bedding for disposal must be stored and disposed of in a hygienic manner and in accordance to legislation’.

Further down the road in Elm Avenue, some residents have raised issues with the horse dung along the highway. Issues raised include toxicity*, smell,  slippery surface for cyclists, and general unsightliness. We are looking into options to resolve this, alternatively, if anyone wishes to have some proven fertiliser for roses, make your way to Elm Avenue and/or Ealing Riding School

* Horse dung is non-toxic to humans due to a herbivorous diet

Photos: local residents