Ealing Conservatives Leader’s Gazette Column – February 2019

Ealing Conservative Group Leader, Cllr Gregory Stafford, regularly contributes to a column in Ealing Gazette.

We are all familiar with the phrase ‘paying lip service.’  But for the Council this takes on a new slant altogether.

Every year the Council must publish a Local Implementation Plan, which we call LIP for short.

This year’s LIP and accompanying strategies total 251 pages and buried in those pages are the following: 

  • “Ealing Council’s position is that expansion at Heathrow is only acceptable with adequate mitigation for the local community.” This is in direct contrast to the motion passed at the 18th December 2018 Full Council Meeting: “This Council states that it is opposed to a third runway at Heathrow Airport.”
    Given that the Minutes of Full Council have yet to be confirmed, we will just have to call it a lip service motion.
  • Free Stop and Shop Parking to end.  So, supporting our local businesses; I am afraid, is more lip service.
  • ALL Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) will become 24 hours to make it administratively easier for officers.  What happened to residents having a say on CPZs; more lip service.
  • Resident permits will be charged based on vehicle emissions to improve Ealing’s air quality.  Yet, according to the same report, Ealing’s 127,000 vehicles spend 96% of their time parked outside the owner’s home meaning that source of pollution is commuter traffic on the way to Central London or Heathrow Airport! This is the same commuter traffic that the Council has encouraged by making cheap parking spaces for them in existing CPZs.
  • And its likely most popular move, that we should have more CEOs to increase risk of [people] being ticketed; previous commitments that residents and parking should not be treated as a cash cow; turns out to be more lip service.

Alas, Labour’s LIPS are moving, but as always, saying nothing that benefits Ealing residents!