Labour Reject Proposal to Save Ealing Libraries

Ealing Labour voted to increase the number of Special Responsibility Allowances paid to themselves, whilst rejecting a Conservative amendment which would have saved the libraries by scrapping all Special Responsibility Allowances.

The 26th February budget which increases Council Tax for a second year in a row, is predicated on the closure of 7 libraries and 11 children centres.

Labour’s rejection of a Conservative amendment that would have saved the libraries by scrapping all Special Responsibility Allowances, shows that Labour is more concerned about their own needs, rather than residents.

Cllr Gregory Stafford, Conservative Group Leader said:

Increasing Council Tax to cover up incompetence, whilst at the same time increasing the number of Special Responsibility Allowances being paid, shows that Labour is yet again morally on the wrong side of the argument.

The Conservative amendment, which would still produce a balanced budget and save the 7 libraries was predictably rejected by Labour; their pockets matter more than the thousands of Ealing residents who depend on Ealing libraries.

A responsible budget should be about service not self.  Putting your hand in the taxpayers’ purse, whilst cutting services and asking staff to make sacrifices is wrong on every level.

In the real world, when times are tough, you don’t get to pay yourself and your friends more money.   Yet again, Ealing Labour is putting self before service.

Notes to Editor

  1. 26/02/19 email sent to Councillors:“Dear Councillors,This is to let you know that the Conservative Group have tabled an amendment to the budget report as reproduced below.The amendment reads:
    ‘To remove all special responsibility allowances plus the NI contributions to the total of £406,388 pa and ring fence this saving to retain as many of the following libraries, namely Greenford, Hanwell, Northfields, Perivale, Pitshanger West Ealing and Wood End, under council control and management, as possible.’

    It was received in time and the slight delay in circulating it was due to finance officers checking the figures. The figures are correct.”

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