Latest newsletter from your local SNT – February 2019

The local Safer Neighbourhood Team has just sent out their February 2019 newsletter.

Ealing Common Safer Neighbourhood Team
Monthly Newsletter – February 2019

Welcome to the February edition of the Ealing Common Safer neighbourhood team monthly newsletter. The aim of this newsletter is to keep you updated on what has been happening on your ward.  The newsletter will be sent to you once a month giving you information regarding residential burglaries and theft of and from motor vehicles.  We will also keep you updated with any identified crime trends in the area and provide you with dates for drop in surgeries, which give you a chance to pop in to the ward base to speak to a member of the team. Your team are PS James Lenton, PC Jay Alam and PCSO Sally Williams.

Team Priorities

These are set by the borough according to the ward needs. These are:
Residential Burglary
Motor Vehicle Crime
Disrupt Drug Activity 

Residential Burglary 

In the month of February the ward had 5 burglaries and 2 attempted burglaries.  The figures are compared to January in which there were 7 burglaries and 3 attempted. The dates, times and location for the February burglaries were:

01/02/19–04/02/19 – 1725hrs – 0600hrs – Grange Park
01/02/19–08/02/19 – 1200hrs – 1000hrs – Gunnersbury Avenue
07/02/19–09/02/19 – 1700hrs – 1140hrs – Elm Avenue
11/02/19 – 0730hrs – 1745hrs – Freeland Road
20/02/19 – 1030hrs – 1710hrs – Cedar Grove

Attempted burglaries

01/02/19–02/02/19 – 2330hrs – 0900hrs – South Ealing Road
11/02/19 – 2033hrs – Gunnersbury Avenue

The team will continue to conduct plain clothes and high visibility patrols across the ward as a visual deterrent.

Motor Vehicle Crime

In February, there were 16 thefts from and 5 theft of motor vehicle offences.  The figures are compared to January in which there were 11 thefts from motor vehicle offences and 5 theft of motor vehicle. The dates, times and locations for the theft from motor vehicle in January were,

02/22/19 – 1615hrs – 1855hrs – Warwick Road
02/02/19 – 2000hrs – 2315hrs – Hanger Lane
02/02/19 – 1225hrs – 1530hrs – Gunnersbury Drive
07/02/19 – 0930hrs – 1000hrs – Hanger Lane
07/02/19–09/02/19 – 1400hrs – 1530hrs – Ranelagh Road
11/02/19 – 1815hrs – 1945hrs – St Mary`s Road
11/02/19–12/02/19 – 1830hrs – 0530hrs – Kerrison Road
10/02/19–12/02/19 – 0001hrs – 1435hrs – Inglis Road
15/02/19 – 1800hrs – 2250hrs – Hanger Lane
16/02/19–17/02/19 – 1700hrs – 0800hrs – Creffield Road
17/02/19–18/02/19 – 1000hrs – 1000hrs – Carbery Avenue
18//02/19–19/02/19 – 1740hrs – 0001hrs – Uxbridge Road
19/02/19 – 1500hrs – 1740hrs – Maple Grove
23/02/19 – 1200hrs – 2200hrs – Olive Road
23/02/19–24/02/19 – 1900hrs – 1100hrs – Boddington Gardens
24/02/19–25/02/19 – 1800hrs – 0645hrs – Warwick Road

Theft of motor vehicle

01/02/19 – 0001hrs – 0700hrs – Carbery Avenue
05/02/19–06/02/19 – 1330hrs – 1140hrs – The Park
11/02/19–12/02/19 – 2359hrs – 0800hrs – Creffield Road

Officers from the Ealing Common team have increased patrols in the affected areas.

We urge people not to leave any valuable items in the vehicle when unattended. Even electronic items in the boot can be detected with various devices.

Crime Prevention

If anyone would like to discuss the security of their home with the team, we are happy to make an appointment with you to carry out a domestic security survey on your property where we can identify any weak points that you may have and advise you accordingly with a personalised security survey report.

If you would like to book a survey please get in touch with us on 0208 721 2948 if we are unavailable please leave a message and we will call you back.

Crime prevention tips – Close and lock all of your doors and windows even if you are only going out for a few minutes. Keep your valuables out of sight and leave some lights on if it will be dark before you get home.

When you park your vehicle take a few seconds to make sure that there is nothing valuable left in the vehicle and that nothing is on show even a coat or a jacket could be enticing to a criminal.  Always double check that you have locked your vehicle.  Please be vigilant.

Please remember to remind friends and neighbours to register on

Ward Panel Meetings

The next ward panel meeting will be confirmed later. These meetings are held twice a year. We meet with ward panel members, Council representatives and ward Councillors to discuss the crime figures and any issues that are to do with the ward. The meetings are now open for the public so please feel free to come along if you want to join us, it is on a first come first serve basis as we are very limited on space.

If you wish to contact us to discuss the newsletter or any other local crime issues please call 0208 721 2948.  If the team is not on duty please leave a message and we will get back to you or contact 101 and the operator will pass your message to the team    

The SNT team will be attending the ward forum next week – click here for more details.

Source: Ealing Common SNT – by permission