Lovebox & Citadel Festival Presentation to Residents

Residents have been recently invited to monthly residents’ meetings regarding the planned festivals at Gunnersbury Park this summer. Cllr Joanna Dabrowska who attended February’s meeting raised various logistical as well as anti-social behaviour concerns.

The organisers of Lovebox and Citadel festivals have published their presentation which they showed to residents.  Please click here to see the presentation.

Further meetings are set out in the link below:

Lovebox & Citadel Public Meetings at Gunnersbury Park

UPDATE – 12th March 2019 – as of 0637 this morning, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska received an email from Jools Butterfield, the festival organiser’s community manager, that he has left his job, and it seems, of immediate effect, despite promising at the February residents’ meeting that he is/will be the community liaison for the festivals.

Also, there are two slides missing from the residents’ presentation, which Cllr Dabrowska is chasing up.

UPDATE – 19th March 2019 – updated residents’ presentation has been received from the Festival organiser and the link above has been updated.