St Paul’s Close Finally Cleansed This Year

For the past few months, residents of St Paul’s Close have noticed that their area is not being cleansed, in fact, it has not been cleaned since last autumn.

Residents contacted Cllr Joanna Dabrowska who has finally succeeded, after a two month battle, to get the Council contractor finally to deep clean the area.

St Paul’s Close, a meander of cul-de-sacs near All Saints’ Church, a varyig schedule, however, it seems that nothing had been done since last year. The area is split into two parts. The public highway (i.e. the road) is the responsibility of the Environment team, whilst the car park area and other communal areas fall under the Council’s Housing Estates team.

Cllr Dabrowska managed to promptly get the public highway swept back in January, however, the weekly sweep and monthly deep cleanse of the ‘estate’ area had not been done since last year. It has taken perseverance to get the housing cleaning team to finally deep clean the area. The rest of the car park/communal areas will be completed this week.

Additionally, Cllr Dabrowska has been informed that by the Housing Estate Services team,  “we’ll try to clear the moss from outside on paths using rock salt when it’s drier. Can’t scrape it off otherwise the tarmac paths will get broken up and at this time of year we’d end up killing the nearby grass when it rains.


(Photos: Housing Estate Services)