The latest on unauthorised encampments in the borough

As many residents know that Cllr Joanna Dabrowska has been tirelessly fighting for Ealing Council to apply for a borough-wide injunction, just like 13 other London Boroughs have.
With a handful of the 32 London councils luckily enough not to have been affected by unauthorised encampments (or no more than single figures), this means that over half of London’s affected local authorities have injunctions in place.

With a record of over 200 encampments in the borough in the last five years, with the majority of them in the last three years, approximately a quarter of them have been on Ealing Common itself.  There have been over 40 such encampments this year with at least six on the Common.

Ealing Common has seven parts to it. A correction to previously reported information as Cllr Dabrowska realised that the common by Leopold Road towards Ealing Common station has two parts.
Unauthorised encampments have occurred on all bar one part of the Common. The following names are not formal or indeed official names, they are just for understanding by all.

  1. The main common – between Uxbridge Road and Warwick Road Extension – where events are held
  2. The southern common – south of the Warwick Road Extension, along Elm Avenue – where the meadow is struggling to make an appearance.
  3. “Leopold Road” common – the large area north of Leopold Road towards Ealing Common station
  4. Between Gunnersbury Avenue (A406) and the “Leopold Road” common – there is a triangle of grass which has been split due to the slip road going through it
  5. The Hilton common – the triangle by the Hilton Doubletree hotel which is known for its Christmas tree ‘market’.
  6. Iron Duke common – this new part of the common on the corner of Inglis Road and Hanger Lane (A406)
  7. St Matthew’s strip – the long strip along North Common Road opposite St Matthew’s Church, north of the Uxbridge Road.

Contrary to reports and correspondence by the Labour administration, Ealing Council, according to a senior officer, has not yet applied for permission to the Secretary of State for Local Government for their promised ‘bunds and ditches’ or ‘fences’ for Ealing Common at last year’s Full Council meeting whilst rejecting a borough-wide injunction.

Cllr Dabrowska is asking Ealing Council, “with Ealing topping the poll with the highest number of unauthorised encampments in the Capital, when will the Council realise that the borough’s residents are at breaking point. 

Bricks thrown at a passing bus, passersby verbally abused and various antisocial behaviour make residents feel unsafe on their own doorstep.

Just as the encampment on Ealing Common was evicted, a group has settled by Gurnell Leisure Centre.
It’s simply playing cat and mouse round the borough adding to the £1m+ clean up and legal bill that taxpayers have so far had to endure through increased council tax.

I have asked for the GLA Conservatives to consider fighting for a city-wide injunction together with additional legal pitches and strategic transit points around the Capital.

Photo: local resident

Cllr Dabrowska is urging residents to write to their local ward councillors, the Leader of the Council (, and the Portfolio Holder for Safer Communities ( pushing them to reconsider applying for a borough-wide injunction.

Don’t forget to catch Cllr Dabrowska on her journey to get a borough-wide injunction this Thursday at 9pm on Ch5.

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