Lovebox/Citadel Ticket Ballot & Resident Permits

UPDATE: Message from the festival organiser:

Please make sure you book your complimentary ticket(s) by 11pm on Monday 8th July via the link that was previously sent to you by email.

Any queries regarding the ballot can be directed to  – please use the word BALLOT in the subject line – or you can call Jackie, the Community Manager, on 07957187494.

UPDATE: Apparently, a technical glitch has delayed the notification of the results of the ticket ballot to residents. Due today 3rd July.

UPDATE: The residents’ ticket ballot has been extended to 1st July 2019 with residents notified on the 2nd July. 

UPDATE: Apparently, there is a delay due to ‘distribution turnaround’.
Letters should reach residents by 20th May when the ballot goes live ’til 20th June when the ballot will be drawn.
The ballot will be via an application process online and postal.

Following the announcement last November that Lovebox and Citadel festivals are due to return to Gunnersbury Park this summer, the festival organiser has released dates of when residents will be able to apply for their tickets through the ballot as well as the process for obtaining resident permits.

Letters to residents about how to apply for the tickets through the ballot and resident permits will be sent out around 10th May.
The ticket ballot process will start on 13th May and will end with tickets being drawn on 15th June (changed from previously announced date of 30th June).

The following tickets will be available through the ballot:

  • 250 pairs for Lovebox – Friday
  • 250 pairs for Lovebox – Saturday
  • 300 pairs for Citadel – Sunday


For more information about the logistics and arrangements for both festivals, residents can view the presentation that was presented at recent monthly public consultation meetings.

MamaCo, the festival organiser, has a new community manager following the sudden departure of the original postholder. Jacqueline (Jackie) Sear has been appointed as the community liaison.

Jackie Sear can be contacted on


Presentation to Residents (traffic, parking, waste, taxi rank, contact details, etc)

Monthly Public Meetings for residents (dates and venue)