New encampment at Ealing Riding School

Reports have come in that a new unauthorised encampment has settled on Ealing Riding School’s car park, just off Gunnersbury Avenue.

Ealing Riding School, on social media, in response to Cllr Joanna Dabrowska’s post, has confirmed this is the case. Cllr Dabrowska has advised Ealing Council.

This site is private land, therefore, the landowner is responsible for dealing with the matter including any clean-up. As it is a long bank holiday weekend, council offices are closed til Tuesday, so this would delay in any advice the council officers may offer on the way forward.

We believe this is the first such encampment at this site.

Cllr Dabrowska is getting a Council officer to make contact today with the riding school to pass on advice on how to deal with encampments on private land.

Photo: Local resident

UPDATE: 5th May 2019 – Cllr Dabrowska visited the site on Sunday afternoon. The Police have been called out 3 times regarding antisocial behaviour.

This is Transport for London (TfL) land and its tenant is Ealing Riding School, therefore, the School is responsible with the eviction/removal.

The School is worried about the welfare of the horses as well as the pupils that frequent the stables for lessons.

UPDATE: 6th May 2019 – Cllr Dabrowska sought assistance from the Council, but unfortunately, no officer was available during the bank holiday weekend. Various phone calls were made and emails sent to TfL (as the landlord) and to the Police.

The Police have yet again been called out due to antisocial behaviour.

UPDATE: 7th May 2019 – TfL has come back to assist with the unauthorised encampment where possible. Cllr Dabrowska has also requested assistance from the landlord with future security features at the School to prevent future incursions.

Liaison with the Police today ensured that s.61 powers will be exercised this afternoon.

Police later evicted the occupants (and vehicles) from the School’s car park.