Yet another potential encampment by Ealing Common

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska has yet again received reports that half a dozen caravans have parked up on Warwick Road Extension. Cllr Dabrowska has liaised with officers to check the status of the occupants to establish whether they are associated with the funfair and authorised to be on/by the Common, or they are a separate but unauthorised encampment. Welfare assessments to be carried out and the removal process will begin.

Just after dealing with an unauthorised encampment at the Ealing Riding School over the bank holiday weekend, Cllr Dabrowska has barely managed to get back to her casework when reports came in of the new arrivals.

Cllr Dabrowska is also dealing with the two tents (only one last week) that have camped out on the smaller common adjacent to Leopold Road.
ParkGuard and the local Ealing Common SNT have visited on a few occasions. St Mungo’s haven’t yet visited.

UPDATE: 9th May 2019 – The SNT has made contact with one of the occupants and a referral for further welfare assistance has been made.

Photos: Local residents