PRESS RELEASE: Conservative councillors force Labour Council to U-turn on borough-wide injunction

Ealing Common Conservative Councillor Joanna Dabrowska, whose petition and motion last December was rejected by the Labour-run Ealing Council, has finally won a year-long battle against unauthorised encampments.

The Labour Council has made a complete u-turn and will now seek an injunction against unauthorised encampments in the Borough tomorrow.

This follows years of disruption and anti-social behaviour (including flytipping, human waste and damage to open spaces) amounting to costs of over £1 million to the Council.

Labour had previously ignored the problem, casting aspersions on the motives of the thousands of people who signed the petition, with their local councillors claiming support in public but voting against the injunction within the council.*

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska said:

I am delighted that the Council has finally seen sense and finally applying for a borough-wide injunction.

Why did it take a year-long campaign, a petition and a motion, plus over 200 unauthorised encampments and costs hitting £1m, for the Council to do the right thing by its residents?

The rank hypocrisy of my Labour colleague claiming credit for something he publicly opposed is unbelievable. At Full Council, he explicitly and adamantly said that it is not the way forward. Residents know the truth.

The next step is for the Council to provide more legal pitches to improve travellers’ access to welfare and education.”


Original petition:

*Cllr Anand (Lab, Ealing Common) signed the petition. He then voted against it at the Full Council meeting in December. He is now claiming credit for the injunction in the Labour Party press release.

Readers can watch last week’s episode of “Gypsies Next Door” how Labour-run Ealing Council opposed the borough-wide injunction proposal:
Gypsies Next Door S1E3

If the court application is successful tomorrow (10th May) Ealing will join 13 other London boroughs in having an injunction with Hounslow closely following behind.