PRESS RELEASE: Labour Council given thumbs down by Ealing residents


Residents are giving Ealing Labour the thumbs down on most of the services provided.

The latest Resident Survey notes that there has been a significant decrease in the level of satisfaction amongst residents on universal services such as street cleaning, refuse collection, libraries, education, to the ease in contacting the Council.

Satisfaction with refuse collection is down 10%; satisfaction with street cleaning, down 26%, satisfaction with parks and open spaces, down 19%, satisfaction with leisure and sports facilities, down 27%. Satisfaction with nursery, primary and secondary education, down respectively 10%, 9% and 7%.

The independent survey was commissioned by the Council and conducted between November and December 2018, by BMG Research at a cost of £38k.  The last such Survey was conducted in 2014.

Cllr Gregory Stafford, Opposition Leader said:

“The survey results clearly demonstrate what we have been saying all along.  Labour is providing a poor service to residents.  The level of residents’ satisfaction on universal services such as streets, education, leisure and culture have significantly dropped.

The most depressing indicators are that a quarter of residents believe the area is getting worse (litter and rubbish being the main cause) and the decline in the number of residents who are satisfied living in Ealing – down from the 83% satisfaction level under the Conservative Administration.

Whilst Labour has always tried to blame its inferior performance on budget cuts, the Survey reveals that 59% of residents are unaware of the Councils funding cuts and 76% are coping well with their household finances.

Judging from residents’ feedback, it’s clear that Labour needs to start acting more on residents’ concerns and less on increasing their enhanced Special Responsibility Allowances.



Link to the Survey Report