Pre-injunction unauthorised encampment and tents – update

Residents are truly fed-up with the unauthorised encampment that has been camped out on the Warwick Road Extension since 7th May.

The long-sought borough-wide injunction came into effect 10th May and it cannot be retrospectively enforced, so the local authority has to utilise the existing powers. Unfortunately, the council has been slow to act on this occasion regarding this encampment, having the s.78 notice finally served on the encampment’s occupants after last Friday’s court hearing (17th May) to leave the site by 4pm on Saturday (18th May).
As we can see, the encampment remains on the roadside. Since the group hasn’t departed by the prescribed time, the next step is for the council to engage the services of bailiffs in the next day or two.

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska has been in regular contact with the local police to ensure that there is no breach of peace.

If residents see antisocial behaviour or have been a victim of crime surrounding the current unauthorised encampment, we urge residents to report it to the police either via 101 or online, unless it is an emergency then naturally ring 999. Any cumulative evidence helps the police, in this instance, determine whether the threshold for exercising s.61 powers has been met.

UPDATE – 21st May 2019: 

Due to all legal avenues being exhausted the Council called in enforcement this afternoon to remove the unauthorised encampment, however, the group left the location of their own accord following a chat with the bailiffs.

The Council’s cleaning contractor are in the process of clearing up Warwick Road Extension and the Common.


Photos: Courtesy of the Envirocrime team at Ealing Council


As per the most recent enquiry this week, contrary to reports and correspondence by Labour councillors, Ealing Council has not yet applied for permission from the Secretary of State to construct fencing and ditches around two parts (of seven in total) of Ealing Common, and no contractor has been appointed for this work.

Readers may also note the two tents that have been camped out on the Common by Leopold Road for the past three weeks.

Cllr Dabrowska sought welfare assistance for the occupants via the Council’s homelessness service that works with St Mungo’s.

These two tents vanished by Friday evening. However, news has reached us yesterday that two green tents have appeared on the New Ealing Common by the Iron Duke.



Meanwhile, what is believed to be the first encampment since the borough-wide injunction has come into play, 22 caravans have occupied part of Berkeley Fields in North Greenford arriving at 22:29 last night.

Residents are watching and waiting how quickly the council and the police enforce the injunction order.
It is presumed that the occupants have been given 24 hours to depart.

UPDATE: This encampment has been removed after the bailiffs were called in today. The eviction would have been quicker, however, this was the first encampment since the injunction and a Writ of Assurance had to be obtained. Future breaches of the injunction should be dealt with swifter now that is in place.

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Borough-wide injunction documents

Photos: Courtesy of local residents