Large Unauthorised Encampment at Gunnersbury Park

At 1451, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska was informed by Gunnersbury Park’s management that an unauthorised encampment has gained entry to Gunnersbury Park. Cllr Dabrowska has provided advice to the eviction and removal process.

It has become apparent that the encampment had, earlier in the day, just been evicted from the neighbouring Carville Road car park. Residents have previously claimed that the gate in the southwest corner of Gunnersbury Park by Lionel Road North, has been often left unlocked.

Gunnersbury Park, whilst jointly owned by both Ealing and Hounslow Councils, Hounslow is the planning authority.
Usually, it is the landowner (Hounslow Council in this case) that has responsibility to issue legal proceedings, however, the tenant, the Park’s CIC, takes over this responsibility. Conversations are going on to decide who is ultimately responsible.


A similar case occurred earlier this month, when an encampment settled at the Ealing Riding School along Gunnersbury Avenue (A406). The landowner is Transport for London (TfL) yet the tenant (the School) was responsible.

Updates will be published here.


UPDATE – 23rd May 2019 – Local residents and park users submitted plenty of photographic and video evidence to Cllr Dabrowska who passed it onto the local authorities, and as a result the police have exercised their s.61 powers and the unauthorised encampment was swiftly moved on from Gunnersbury Park. News has it that the group has settled on the McDonald’s car park in Brentford.

London Borough of Hounslow have mooted that they are preparing court paperwork to get a borough-wide injunction to become the 15th London authority to have an injunction, although Bromley Council have last week partially lost a court challenge and currently considering appealing against the decision.

Photos: Courtesy of local residents