First unauthorised encampment on Ealing Common since injunction

Just past 2pm today, local residents alerted Cllr Joanna Dabrowska of the pending arrival of caravans on the southern part of Ealing Common by Elm Avenue.

Cllr Dabrowska has sprung into action and the enforcement team has been ‘activated’, and they are on their way to the unauthorised encampment to enforce the (interim) injunction that was obtained on 10th May 2019. Hopefully, the encampment will be removed within the next few hours.

An injunction, whilst not a miracle cure but acting as a deterrent and enables the public landowner, Ealing Council, to swiftly exercise their powers for swift removal of unauthorised campers.

UPDATE 1700:  In less than 3 hours since reporting the unauthorised encampment to the authorities it has now been removed using powers of the injunction currently in pace.

Photos: Local residents