Q&A – update on the implementation of CIL

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska asked:

Please may I have an update of LBE’s implementation of CIL?

Ealing Council’s response:

Ealing (excluding the OPDC area) did seek to prepare a CIL charging schedule and a generic Regulation 123 list. This followed the statutory process required by the CIL setting procedures, including two rounds of public and stakeholder consultation followed by the Examination in Public.
The schedule was approved by the Planning Inspectorate in April 2016. However, this has not been implemented primarily because of concerns about the impact on the delivery of genuinely affordable housing (which is excluded from CIL) and because of long-awaited changes to the CIL regime that had been proposed by the Government and only very recently implemented.

Council officers are still reviewing possible options and gathering evidence to support a new draft charging schedule that will probably reflect different geographies, types and/or scales of development. The timetable for preparing a new CIL charging schedule will follow that for the local development plan with the same or similar adoption/implementation date. The timetable for the
adoption of the local development plan is currently late 2020 but this may be delayed if, as expected, the publication of the replacement London Plan is put back once again.