PRESS RELEASE: Labour Council Leader Misleads Residents

At the 11th June Full Council Meeting, Ealing Common Councillor Joanna Dabrowska asked for update on the fencing around Ealing Common which requires permission from the secretary of State for Communities & Local Government.

With further questioning, Cllr Dabrowska asked why the Labour Council Leader had misled residents in several emails in April stating that permission has been applied for in March.  As of the 11th June, the Council still had not applied for permission.

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska, Ealing Common Ward Councillor said:

I am rather concerned that the Council Leader does not check his facts before responding to residents and in fact, misleading the community. 

When challenged by residents on his response,  the Leader states the permission was applied for a month earlier further continuing the lies.

This a clear example of where the Labour Council Leader has put political expediency over the truth. How can anyone believe what the Labour Council has said or will say in the future?

Note to editors:

Copy of the redacted emails confirming the mis-truths.