How to survive the Lovebox/Citadel festival weekend

Whether you love it or loathe it, the Lovebox and Citadel festivals are here this weekend starting from today.

If you’re attending the festivals, please respect the community, put your rubbish in the bins provided (or take it home), don’t vandalise anything, don’t be antisocial to the park’s neighbours, don’t urinate (or worse) other than at the provided WCs, follow the stewards’ instructions and leave the area peacefully.

If you happen to be a resident who is loathing the onslaught of 40,000 festival goers per day over the next three days, here is some information which you may find useful.

This will probably happen for the next few years as the Gunnersbury Park CIC has signed a five-year agreement with Mamaco, the festival organiser.

RESIDENTS’ HOTLINE 020 3781 7334
or via email


Friday 1400 – 2230
Saturday 1230 – 2230
Sunday 1230 – 2200


Gunnersbury Lane, Acton – closed between the junctions of Bollo Lane and the A406/Gunnersbury Avenue From 12th to 15th July 2019 between 19.00hrs to 01.00 hours.

Popes Lane, Ealing – closed on 12th July between 18.00hrs and 01.00hrs and 13th to 15th July 2019 between 09.00hrs and 01.00hrs each day. Access for residents will be maintained.


The following roads will closed for traffic between 0900-midnight every day whilst resident access will be maintained.  If you haven’t received a Residents ‘R’ pass for your car, please contact the above contact number or email address.

  • Alders Close
  • Almond Avenue
  • Ash Grove
  • Aspen Close
  • Beech Gardens
  • Berry Way
  • Blossom Close
  • Baronsmede
  • Boddington Gardens
  • Carbery Avenue
  • Cedar Grove
  • Cherry Close
  • Chestnut Grove
  • Durham Road
  • Elderberry Road
  • Gunnersbury Crescent
  • Gunnersbury Drive
  • Gunnersbury Gardens (including Copperfields Court)
  • Kingsbridge Avenue
  • Knight’s Avenue
  • Lillian Avenue
  • Limes Walk
  • Maple Grove
  • Olive Road
  • Palm Grove
  • Rowan Close (including Walnut Court)
  • Sunderland Road
  • Tudor Way
  • Willow Road

Gunnersbury Lane and Popes Lane will be closed for traffic or access as per the above.

Maps promised by the festival organiser have yet to come to fruition as only a handful of residents have received and none are uploaded onto their community website as promised.


Ealing Police have issued a Section 35 dispersal zone in the following area between 1200 on 12th July til 1159 on 14th July.

Section 35 of the Antisocial Behaviour, Police and Crime Act 2014 allows a police officer of at least the rank of Inspector to authorise a dispersal zone for up to 48 hours. Once authorised a constable in uniform may, under certain circumstances, direct a person to leave the area, in whole or in part, and direct the person not to return for up to 48 hours.


Traffic Order

Festival Organiser’s Presentation to Residents

Minutes taken from resident meetings

Section 35 of the ABPCA 2014