New encampment settling on Ealing Common & latest news on injunction

On Sunday evening around 8pm, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska was at The Grange pub on the corner of Warwick Road and The Common, when several regulars and the bar staff called out to say that ‘the caravans’ are back.

Cllr Dabrowska dashed out to capture the arrival of approximately dozen vehicles along the Warwick Road Extension but also to contact both the council and the local police requesting enforcement.

UPDATE: 22 July 2019 – 9am – The bailiffs by council officers have been instructed to attend today

UPDATE: 22 July 2019 – 1330 – The encampment is packing up and will, hopefully, depart within the hour.

UPDATE: 22 July 2019 – 1700 – Seems like the bailiffs are taking longer to remove the occupants from the Common.

UPDATE: 22 July 2019 – c.1830 – The encampment has departed.

Conservative Ealing Common ward councillor, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska states:

“Is it the case of the new arrivals settling in the borough following the supposed date of the expiry of the interim injunction and the appeal-pending outcome of the Bromley case*?

I hope common sense will prevail, that the courts will understand that unauthorised encampments are just that, they are not allowed, yet they still occur regardless of the law.

As part of my petition I did request extra pitch provision for the travelling communities to enable improved access to healthcare and education.
After pushing for a response, the council finally responded three months later. The council identified no current or future need for additional legal plots, whilst dismissing the current government’s analysis identifies the need for 6 extra pitches in the borough.

To quote the Strategic Planning Manager, Steve Barton, ‘due to very low numbers of encampments, it is recommended there is no need to provide any formal transit provision at this time.’

Residents can make up their own minds whether c.300 encampments in over 3 years, the highest in any London borough, is a very low number.”


Above: Caravans settling on Warwick Road Extension
Below: The borough-wide injunction being enforced by the enforcement agency and the encampment departing from the area.

The Council was due to attend the High Court on Friday, 19th July 2019 to request a three-year borough-wide injunction following the interim injunction obtained on 10th May.

Due to a pending appeal following the refusal of Bromley council’s application for a three-year extension at the High Court back in May 2019, all authorities plagued with unauthorised encampments are waiting and watching the determination later this year.

As a result, the Ealing injunction hearing has been adjourned and the interim injunction continues to be live til the determination of the Bromley case.

Cllr Dabrowska has highlighted to senior council officers that the notices on every public open space in Ealing as per the interim borough-wide injunction are out of date which might scupper the efforts to remove this unauthorised encampment on a “technicality”.

Photos & Video: Cllr Joanna Dabrowska and local residents

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