Q&A – Acton Library & Curzon Cinema

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska asked:

Acton Library & Curzon Cinema – please provide an update why Curzon pulled out?
What was the detail behind the decision?
Were any costs (planning, legal, etc) reimbursed to either to Ealing Council or the applicant?

Ealing Council’s response:

The Council signed an agreement with Curzon Corinthian Ltd in July 2015. The agreement was conditional on planning and funding conditions being met. These needed to be met by an agreed long-stop date and failing this either party would be free to terminate the agreement.
Curzon Corinthian Ltd did not proceed to planning or meet the other conditions and therefore applied to terminate the agreement. Curzon Corinthian felt they were not able to proceed with a viable development.
Each party met their own costs as per the legal agreement.