We’ve lost three trees on the Common

Unfortunately, this morning we lost three trees on the Common.

A tree along the Warwick Road Extension was felled that had previously lost a large stem during the summer. Our ward trees officer stated that it had bleeding canker and a very decayed main stem that has opened it up to other decay fungi.

Additionally, a horse chestnut on the junction of Hanger Lane and Uxbridge Road that was previously reduced failed to respond and as it is on the very busy junction the decision was taken to remove it. This also had bleeding canker.

A third horse chestnut on the opposite junction by the bus stop has a dead major stem and again has bleeding canker . As they previously failed to respond from pruning the only tree work in such a high footfall area appropriate is to fell and replant.

With the council abolishing ward forums including dedicated ward funding, Cllr Joanna Dabrowska is asking residents if there are any locations in the ward that are in need of trees. Cllr Dabrowska spent Monday afternoon walking around the Trees (formally known as the Village Park) Estate with our trees officer and has already listed over 30 new sites so far.

Source: Tree felling information was received by Cllr Dabrowska from the ward trees officer