Near miss…this time!

Earlier this afternoon, news broke on local social media pages that a tree had suddenly fallen across the junction of Popes Lane/Little Ealing Lane and South Ealing Road. The video clip below shows two pedestrians had a lucky miss.

The emergency services were called by those in the vicinity at the time. Cllr Joanna Dabrowska, upon reading the news, contacted the trees service and the highways team at Ealing Council to send out the emergency tree team to arrive, chop it up, shred it and clean up the area as soon as practically possible.

This is not the first time such tree had fallen nearby, namely in Durham Road where a tree fell causing minor damage to a home. Another tree had recently fallen in Ascott Avenue damaging the frontage of a property.
All seem (from commentary from witnesses) that the roots are short and rotten. The image below show the tree having no roots whatsoever.

Also, with sink holes previously appearing in the area, the underground might reveal more once this is investigated.

Furthermore, the area of today’s incident has been subject to nearly a year of underground gas pipe replacement work by SSE.

Hopefully, Ealing Council will properly investigate this matter before any more trees fall, or worse, hurt someone.

Video: Joanna Wolman (Facebook group – “Ealing & Northfields Friends”)
Still: Michael Greer (Twitter – @MGreer_PR)