As Ealing Council continue to ignore local people, your Conservative Councillors have tabled a motion to remove the and a vote of no confidence in Ealing Council Leader Cllr Julian Bell.
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The Opposition Motion for Debate is as follows:

This Council has no confidence in the Leader of the Council, Councillor Julian Bell.

This Council reaffirms its commitment to reducing pollution in the Borough and to improving facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

This Council notes that while Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs) appear to be a good idea in principle, poor planning, lack of consultation and refusal to alter plans in the face of evidence by Ealing Council has led to them not achieving their stated aim, and indeed exacerbating the problems in some areas. The closure of local distributor roads has diverted traffic in some cases, onto the main thoroughfares which were already at capacity and in others, onto narrower, quieter residential roads. This has added traffic to these roads, reduced air quality and added dangers to residents and their children going about their lives.

This Council also notes that 9,000 residents have signed the petition against LTNs and that 3,000 people marched to the Town Hall in protest in September; including (but not limited to) teachers, medics, nurses, care-workers, elderly and disabled people, regular cyclists and walkers, and young residents.

The Council further notes the application for judicial review of four of the schemes.

This Council further notes that the failure by Ealing Council to comply with its legal duty to consult the London Ambulance Service before the implementation of this scheme may have put residents lives at risk.

Therefore, this Council:

  • Condemns the failure of the Council to consult the London Ambulance Service before the introduction of the LTNs
  • Expresses its disapproval of the lack of consultation with residents and the ongoing refusal of Cllr Bell and his Cabinet to listen to residents’ concerns.
  • Will suspend all the LTNs and remove all bollards and barriers, and instigate a proper consultation with residents.

Motion for Debate: No confidence in the Leader of the Council

This Council has no confidence in the Leader of the Council, Councillor Julian Bell.