Category: Housing

  • Q&A – list of housing associations building in the borough of Ealing

    Cllr Joanna Dabrowska asked: Since 2010, please provide a list of housing associations that have built or applied for planning permission in the borough? For each HA, please list number of units approved or applied for. (Plus name of developments) Ealing Council’s response: Details are provided in the attached spreadsheet.

  • St Paul’s Close Finally Cleansed This Year

    For the past few months, residents of St Paul’s Close have noticed that their area is not being cleansed, in fact, it has not been cleaned since last autumn. Residents contacted Cllr Joanna Dabrowska who has finally succeeded, after a two month battle, to get the Council contractor finally to deep clean the area. St…

  • Rough Sleepers

    As the weather gets colder we see more people sleeping in doorways or under bushes. The Charity St Mungo‘s, which has expertise in this area, works together with Local Authorities, to assist. Ealing Council refers reports of rough sleepers directly to St Mungo‘s in the first instance. If you are concerned about a rough sleeper…